Where Are We Going?

Based on Ukraine 2020
Go_A — Solovey

Twenty twenty-two, Torino
TikTok Jesus, Spain in SloMo
Mika, Laura, Hold me closer*

*That’s the way to do green screen

Konstrakta not health-insured
Wolves, bananas, heaps of fun
Motor failure, static sun

Juries send the SPACE MAN far
Televotes: “STEFANIA!”
Touching solidarity
With the global refugee

Hosting will be controversial
Present outlook dodgy-as-hell
Not the time for losing morale
Wait for Mister Österdahl...

E.S.C. Twenty-three:
Kyiv you’re not good to go
Whilst we all stand with the cause
Don’t fancy a conflict zone
Now plan B… B.B.C.?
Brits are well-known for fair play
We’re sure they’ll be supportive


How to pack for British weather?
Glasgow, Belfast, Fuck-where-chester
Cardiff, London, Liverpool
Not too fussed, we like them all
Who knows what will be next year?
Fuck it, I could kill a beer
Need a bed and need a bar
All I know, we’ve come far…

This place isn’t Heathrow

Who are all these people?


It’s okay, it’s U.K.
Well, not quite, but thereabouts
Whilst we all stand with the cause
Maybe you’re not white enough
Some get praised on our stage
While you get deported
Local press is less than free
Your plight won’t be reported
Castaway cast away
Who decides what’s ethical?
Loyal to our heritage
Trading human cargo
Flight’s one-way, here you’ll stay
Your new life is sorted
Kind regards from the U.K.

Humanity exported