Wonderful Wombats!

Based on Iceland 1996
Anna Mjöll — Sjúbídú

Zoom in on the zoo…

Good day, all! May we show to you (here, look here)
Our wombats in their pen?
Fine teeth, cute tongues
And best of all:
They also do cubic poo

Hey, we’re not kidding: cubic poo
That’s what these guys expel
Their little rectums must be mighty tender
With cubic poo moving through

Cubic poo, cubic poo
Marsupial excreta with a brownish hue
Cubic poo can accrue
Around a rock, in burrows, underneath your shoe

You see it sometimes near to you
If you’re Australian
Or on a holiday, you might encounter
Newly brewed wombat doo

“Cubic poo,” goes one view,
“Allows them to communicate with those they woo”
You could use cubic poo
As Lego, dice, in Jenga, as a Rubik's Cube

Tigers are gnarly
Monkeys are sound
There’s nothing wrong with pink flamingos
Llamas are great
Sloths are okay
Still, only wombats ha-a-ave…

Cubic poo
Feeling envy?
Groovy poo
Our gift shop at the exit will supply to you
New, bijou cubic poo

Souvenir of poo
Kindly join the queue