Millennium of Lies

Based on Ireland 2000
Eamonn Toal — Millennium of Love

I recall how we all were full of love and hope
Anticipating a bright future
"No more wars, no more oppression, end the bigotry"
"Welcome 2000s!"

Turned on my TV on a lovely night in May
A nice man was singing words of comfort
Kind blue eyes, gentle smile, the man made me believe
Oh what a stupid twat I was

Eamonn Toal is just a lying piece of shit
Carbon footprints are all we leave for the children
How did 9/11 fit his bullshit prophecy?
Eamonn has some explaining to do

Now, I'm aware that it's not
Really Eamonn's fault at all
That the World is full of anger
Still why could he not just have shut his mouth
Sparing us for fake promises

Eamonn Toal is just a lying pompous fraud
No more Rhinos will be left for all the children
Civil wars, recession, keyboard wars on Twitter, too
(Oh good grief, soy-fed beef)
Can't believe I believed in him

(Celebrate the sad Millennium of Lies)
COVID-19 is all we leave for the children
I'll start a petition, wipe that smug smile off his face
Mister Toal, you owe us an answer
Mister Toal, you should apologize