Lawyers 4 Less

Based on Israel 1992
Dafna Dekel — Ze Rak Sport

Misdeeds can get you in a jam
When caught by a detective
Why spend your whole life on the lam
When we’re so inexpensive?

We don’t know much about the law
But our smiles are arresting :)
Our fees are level with the floor
Whoever you’re molesting!

We bought our law degrees from Internet
We’re not much use except for cutting overhead
In truth, in tennis we’re well-trained
But for the law we’re not well-brained
Can’t win a case but we can often win a set

It also doesn’t help our case
When loose balls hit the judge’s face
Got charged with murder? Don’t expect we’ll serve an ace

There are no limits to how much you can love
…But it’s still bigamy according to the judge

At tennis court we’re all adored
At real court? Abhorred
Too bad we’re all your coins afford
Justice can’t be bought

We’ll act naïve about your guilt
To get you a fair hearing
But secrets often end up spilt
When we get racketeering

Been stabbing ladies in the dark?
We can’t bury the hatchets
And arson rarely lights a spark
It’s not our kind of matches

At Wimbledon our skills were truly deft
But in the courts we can’t deny a simple theft
The other side is rarely stressed
At least the jurors look impressed
Their eyeballs zig-zag round the courtroom, right and left

Please let us know if we forget
To take the visors off our heads
Or if our socks have tiny bobbles on the ends

Back in our primes we were all Sharapovas
Makes perfect sense that we became solicitors

At tennis court our skills they laud
At real court? We’re flawed…
If you’ve been caught in acts of fraud
Mistrial’s your best shot

🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾

[Tennis grunt]


Custody battles are also far too hard
Frankly, it’s baffling why we haven’t been disbarred

At tennis court we earn awards
At real court? Dropped jaws
Lawyers 4 Less - Our bills are smalls
‘Cause our skills are balls

Papa pada papa papa, hey!