Haunted by Lys A

Based on Switzerland 1957
Lys Assia — L’enfant que j’étais

Haunted by Lys A, just can’t get her to leave
An endless Refrain, I don’t want to receive
This curse I’m subject to, no-one can answer
Each day she comes anew, it’s true disaster

Inside my mirror, her visage before me
At nights she whispers, in my dreams she’s set free
She just won’t go away, it is a horror
I beg and I implore her, please leave me Lys A

A creak on the stair, though none is around
A chill in the air, straight from the beyond
Lingering decay seeps out of the walls
Lake Maggiore, drips in the bathroom
A hair in the cream, of my risotto
In the shower steam, a G for Giorgio

I fear that I must consult a specialist
The priest down the lane certainly will assist
He’ll come this weekend to take my confession
I’ll share with him my woes over polenta

A circle of salt, water blessed and holy
All measures in place, time for Lys A to leave
But the sly old lady, she has deserted
The priest told me most sternly, it’s all in your head