Bird with a New Face

Based on Netherlands 2021
Jeangu Macrooy — Birth of a New Age

Skin as smooth as my smile is bright
(His chirping is like yelling, his chirping is like yelling)
Lush feathers stunning as you focus on my eyes
(His beak is oh so smelly, his beak is oh so smelly)
They look at my frown and they wonder out loud
(We guess we’re kinda jelly, we guess we’re kinda jelly)
The yard is full ‘cause of my shake
But I am honest, don’t play games
I don’t pretend, no
I’m a bird with a new face

Thanks so much, Dr Lee
I owe you, Dr Lee
I am so thankful, Dr Lee
He is the best, you see
The work he did on me
It was worth all of the money

Don’t want to be an aeroplane
(Like seven, four and seven, like seven, four and seven)
I am not annoyed by those nicknames
(We just called him a Boeing, we just called him a Boeing)
‘Cause what are the odds they would have liked my gloss?
(You’re right, we’re being jelly, you’re right, we’re being jelly)
In the fountain when we all bathe
Admiring looks, you don’t need to feign
Don’t be so jell, no
I’m a bird with a new face

I’m looking cute, brushing off jealousy
More in demand than the rarest canary
Not born with brilliance, pretty with science
I am a bird with a new face

All thanks to Dr Lee
All like the look of me
Flapping their wings at, wings at me (Birds are fucking horny)
‘UFO’, they call me
Manmade just parts of me
Still a bird, looking so lovely (Google Dr Lee now)
As we sit in this tree
Knowing you envy me
Ruffle my feathers subtly (That tail is so sexy)
‘Cause a bird should be free
Of all this scrutiny
Recommend calling Dr Lee (Spending all my savings)