In the Freezer

Based on Karen Pálsdóttir - In the Future (Söngvakeppnin 2010) [live]


*Nom nom nom nom nom, hah!*
*Nom nom nom nom nom, hah!*


I was feeling horngry
I was feeling blue
I did crave something
To lift up my mood

Then I heard the buzzing
From across the room
Sounded so inviting
As my hunger grew

And now I wonder!
What is hiding
There in the freezer?
For me
Maybe… eyeballs?
Or is it ice cream?
In the freezer
Could be bees
(In the freezer)

Is it leftover bagels?
Is it frozen brie?
Is it purse piranhas?
Or just cows and pigs?

I’m not sure I dare to
Open up and peek
What if there is nothing?
Come on, come on, let me see!

What could be in there?
Frosty secrets
Inside the freezer
Dolls in blenders?
No, that’s absurd, huh
In the freezer
I must see
(In the freezer)

*Nom nom nom nom nom, hah!*
*Nom nom nom nom nom, hah!*


It’s open (Mmm…)
I see it (see it)
The truth’s here
It’s just:



That’s all that’s in there?!
I don’t want that
This stupid freezer
Tricked me
Though I’m still hungry
Guess I’ll eat this
Stale old ICEEEE!!!!

(No need to wonder)
(What’s inside it)
What’s inside it?
(The same as always)
(You must refill it)
(With snacks and eyes, miss)
(In the freezer!)
In the freezer!
(In the freezer!)