Wait Until You Hear the Price

Based on Ireland 1985
Maria Christian — Wait Until the Weekend Comes

As a young girl mum told once
To get tip for every kiss
"Life isn't cheap"
She said and smiled

At the school, most of the boys
Were in queue for little shows
That made me proud, as "Motor Lou"

Pay me now
Not after cooling the rocks
I can't bang for free, it sucks
Yet I'm so picky

Don't ask why
Mind you, nothing comes for free
Vaginismus would kill me
Unless I get paid

During college, rates were high
That is how I could keep up
Weirdos paid well, and groups a few

Don't get high
Never did for free, how crass
Words of compassion won't pass
Although they're so nice

Call him now
Tell your brother to hurry
And get the cash here by three
I don't have all day

Wait until the money comes
Don't do that, gives me the hots
Kisses, caress.. What's going on?

Shit! How come no alert *there* anymore?
Soon it's your turn to pay, you dumb whore!