The Revenge of Lotte Wæver

Based on Denmark 1964
Bjørn Tidmand — Sangen om dig

Lotte Wæver: ‘Bjørn Tidmand!’

Do you know why she introduced me
With her grim glare? If only you knew how!
But you’ll be never able to see
How she did it

We had a fling, but not an affair
She tried to pull me into her dark web
She was so mean and gave me that glare
Then threw a fit

Told me her monologue
How I was just like all the other men
Even called me a dog
And warned me: ‘Dude, I’ll hit back when I can!’

Before showtime, she walked up to me
To rub some salt in the wound and grill me
She smiled and told me I’d disappear
She said: ‘Bye, if you tell, I will kill you!’

I didn’t know for a long time
What she had planned in her hut
Would she boycott the home entry
Or have the live broadcast cut?

All night long I felt degraded
Anxious for what laid in store
After the credits had faded
She had done nothing wrong, lying whore!

The years went by, I thought I was free
She took a match, and then a decision
In the archives of DR TV
She said: ‘Bye, ’64 Eurovision!’