Based on Serbia 2007
Marija Šerifović — Molitva

Jana Novotná
That’s when I first felt the tinglings start
I’d grown up with hockey
I wasn’t averse to a slick martial art
But oh when I saw her
Advantage the goddess owning the court
I knew I was smitten
Wasn’t just lust, my love was for sport

Elation, stimulation
Tennis tickles my sensations
Grunt’d aces, writhing faces
Strawberries & cream

Let us honour Miss Navratilova
So God love her and whatever drove her

Billie Jean
Shook up the scene
Miss Fernández and Miss Mandlíková

Virago dreams
Played out by queens
Game set & match, won by an Amazon


(polite applause)

(Game Miss Šerifović)

(Change ends please)

Ovation, liberation
Tennis is my titillation
Double faulting, somersaulting
She’s got white pants on!!

I assure you mine’s a sporting interest
Fifteen, Love
I am mainly focused on the contest

Thighs like steel (they for real?))
How must they feel? (they’re ideal!)
Rubbed together in a top seed meeting

Serena, (just let loose)
Your demeanour (score is deuce)
Vanquish Venus, she’s your (senior)


Miss Mauresmo (out and proud)
Puts on her show (backhand’s loud)
Now my barley water‘s overheating

It’s what I am (wham and bam)
it’s my grand slam (oui Madame)
Now someone serve me with my dental dam!

Tennis turns me
Turn on