Touching Eyeballs With My Fingers

Based on Germany 1961
Lale Andersen — Einmal sehen wir uns wieder


Touching eyeballs with my fingers
That’s my greatest joy in life
How I love the sense that lingers
When I softly stroke an eye

On the bus or at the grocer’s
As I feel the urge arise
Then I turn to my side
See that stranger’s surprise
When I poke them in the eye

When I was a young girl
Then my life was drab
I was mostly feeling blue

But one day when I
Saw my teacher cry
I knew just what to do

Now I’m older and wise
But when I see such eyes

Then I lick my left thumb
And reach in up close
To caress that retina

Touching eyeballs with my fingers

All my friends and all my neighbours
Now wear shades most of the time
You should give it a try
Grab a friend by your side
Gently stroke them in the eye

(Right in their eye)