The Movie Game

Based on Norway 2019
KEiiNO — Spirit in the Sky

Come, let’s play
Think of a movie you like,
say, Die Hard or Ghost
Then pick a singer you’d swap in a role
It wastes some time, let’s play

Superman is easy, that’s Kølig Kaj
He’d save your life but can’t handle kryptonite
and Paula Seling, she would fit well in
Amélie, with Ovi

In Julie Christie’s role in Don’t Look Now
is Irene Sheer
(please don’t imagine that sex scene)

Jamala types and types and types,
when she stars in The Shining,
“Crimea is Ukraine?”
Pastora Soler is a nun
She sings The Sound of Music
with lonely goatherds
I wish Carlos Paião were alive
He’d make the perfect James Bond
in Thunderball or
Spectre or Skyfall

I’d totally watch all these movies!
Back to our game:

Robert De Niro for Stefan Raab
in Meet The Fockers, well that would make me laugh
and screaming “Freedom”
is not Mel Gibson,
but Reynaert in Braveheart

Stefán & Eyfi wore the masks in Scream
They killed and schemed
(I should have mentioned - spoilers here)

The Toppers will give you a fright
when all their parts are showing
in The Full Monty
Alla Pugacheva really flies
because she’s Mary Poppins
Has vodka handy
The perfect nanny

Toto’s the Joker and Kikki is E.T.
and Mary Spiteri’s the Nightmare on Elm Street
and Anne-Marie David’s Bo Peep in Toy Story
Her sheep are Aska put out to pasture

Stjórnin are found when they’re Nemo and Dory
In Avatar you can watch Ambasadori
and Mean Girls are meaner with Deen and Polina
and Kalomira and Valentina

Alf Poier’s trousers are too tight
in Grease as Danny Zuko,
he’s John Travolta
Surely in The Silence of the Lambs
in Doctor Lecter’s role is
Who else? Carola
She’ll eat your face off

(nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom)
How very tasteful

I hope this game gave you a smile,
it’s really quite distracting
Just time for one more:
Serhat as Darth Maul.