Based on United Kingdom 1968
Cliff Richard — Congratulations

Procrastination, no concentration
Deadline’s approaching yet I’m calm as the Dead Sea
Procrastination, into damnation
While my To Do list grows, I’m unphased as can be

Working from home is perilous, feels like a staycation
There are too many fun things around, too much temptation
An often cruelly minimized sad situation
How isolation can tear you apart

Procrastination, no motivation
Deadline’s approaching but I don’t feel urgency
Procrastination, feels like sedation
While my To Do list grows I’m numb beyond belief

But now it seems my laziness has its limitations
Lack of results interpreted as a provocation
Communication starts to show new intonation
Much irritation, I’m starting to freak

Procrastination, leads to frustrations
The deadline’s here, and I start sweating profusely
Procrastination, then devastation
When my To Do list shows, I’m late as I can be

Procrastination, caused termination
No more To Do list but regret in 1, 2, 3.

Can you give me a go? Attached is my CV