The Secret

Based on Sweden 2009
Malena Ernman — La voix

Can you keep a secret?
I’ve been reading leaflets
Not convinced it’s true...

If we’re being honest
Science isn’t flawless
Just a point of view, oh...

And they don’t seem so sure

This climate change thing is a made-up plot
The earth is always cycling cold and hot
C02 cannot be blamed, it’s just sunspots
Do not feed me more of this leftist hoax

What are they concealing?
Go with your gut feeling
Do they really know?

Ocean-levels swelling?
Polar ice caps melting?
Then explain the snow, oh

It’s thirty below!

You keep repeating lies made up by bots
I know better because I am self-taught
PhDs or not, you can’t police my thoughts!
I’ve Google searched around...

(We’re random people on the internet)
(We’re dazzled by your massive intellect)
Gather and resist environmentalists!
These disasters are merely acts of God
They’re acts of God!
Like moi!!!
(Your bias-free ideas we applaud!)