Petra Frey Takes the Piss

Based on Austria 1994
Petra Frey — Für den Frieden der Welt

So when did people between them decide
To use their urine for things?
Tanning, removing those tough stains from stuff
And sprinkling on jellyfish stings

Our liquid gold can be useful indeed
But it can be a tough sell
Human consumption is frowned on and yet
It’s something you’ll never regret

There’s no way I would felch, I’m not touching my shit
I’m no dog, I won’t eat my own sick
Though when picking my nose I won’t eat my own snot
I’ve no problem with drinking my pee

It can benefit health, give your face a free lift
You can use it to whiten your teeth
So the Romans believed, and they conquered the world
(Not just any piss though: Portuguese)

You can gain so much from drinking pee

If you’re caught short when you’re stuck in your car
That’s when a She-wee’s a hit
Bottled at source, and a hot drink to boot
Go on, why not sample a bit?

We’re all over the world, there are millions like me
Petra Frey, I’m in fine company
J. D. Salinger did, all of Catcher he wrote
While he happily sipped on his wee

It don’t half moisturise, quench your thirst in a drought
So much good comes from urinobibing

Most of India’s sold, half of Thailand drinks wee
And they’ve done so for thousands of years
I’m not taking the piss, who needs science? Fake news
Won’t you try some? Imbibe it with me

Aah, drinking pee