Bilal Hassani’s Eurovision 2003 Emporium

Based on France 2019
Bilal Hassani — Roi

I was three
When Maman showed me ESC
Saw the fleece of Renārs and Marie
And I longed for them wrapped around me

Soon came to hear of my plea
And provided the coats of my dreams
The furs: I wore and I lived

I put them in a box
To keep them as if new
At the front a hole
So I could still see through
And put them on display
Centre of the spare room
My loves, that's where it started

My petit cache quickly multiplied
Became locally renowned
A whole trove of my souvenirs
From the same Eurovision year
A bit niche but still ranging wide
Preserved for the ages now
Come on in, so you can explore

For two Euros a nose
See Alf's cardboard models
Louisa's scarlet gown
Even Birgitta's flower
Sertab's ribbons
Records from Nicola
As Lys Assia says
It's really a wonderful town

Mon musee
At the start was a real novelty
Like the language of Sanomi
People flocked for each new featured piece

With each year
the awards, visitors, they decreased
It was clear of my exhibit's need
To pass this impasse, an 'attraction marquee'

Mon étalage was in need of life
Too static up until now
So I sought out a living prop
First to sign up was Lynn Chircop
Then some more who would stay inside
No need to let Belen out
An array of true Eurostars

Her from Sarajevo
Gives a big big hello
And the queers come around
for t.A.T.u's faux les tension
Gemma's enshrined
Still the key, she can't find
Karmen sings Nanana
Hopeful now that we won't shut down

It didn't work :’(

So I guess I'll start on '04