Gina Genocide

Based on United Kingdom 1996
Gina G — Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit

My death toll is incredible
With 80k slayed yesterday
Apartheid sets my heart ablaze
I like it rough in the Gulf

Not just one, I’m on every side
My protégés, all learn my ways:
Amplify pre-existing divides
Take opponents and stoke differing views

I am Gina Genocide
Known as the bringer of war
Bodies fall into the pit
As I’m screaming out for more

I am Gina Genocide
See me, and quiver indoors
I stock all your weapons kit
Like guns, a virus or C4

Donald Trump: helped out his campaign
Meet twice a week, covfefe
Things look bright in the USA
With Moscow in full control

Things heating up in Kathmandu
Nepalese are ill at ease
Reconciled, since 2006
But nothing’s peaceful, when your Gina comes through

I am Gina Genocide
Pop up, and trigger world wars
Shot the Archduke Ferdinand
On that bridge in Bosnia

I gave Hitler syphilis
Sculpted his awful face hair
Brought the Allies into it
Helped Truman bomb Hiroshima

Hey world!

Come join my death parade
Oh… yes we need you
Bring your national pride
And give to me your life

Come on this is it, we’re headed for war
To the Gaza strip
(Arm the missiles)

Don’t be hypocrites, it’s what you’ve called for
Kill the immigrants

Through the rise of populists
Hate crimes are starting to soar
Using messed up politics
Empathy has been destroyed

It’s me at the heart of it
Ginger, Great Goddess of war
I am Boggie’s nemesis
And hatred will prevail once more
(Yeah Yeah Yeah)

But now I’ve diversified
Next up, a new type of war
Deadly, and quite imminent
Climate change will kill you all

Feeling warm a little bit?
You are a victim of war
Gina Genocide!