Irregularity Corrected

Based on Montenegro 2015
Knez — Adio

In 2006, a newly independent Montenegro discovered that it was still in a state of war with Japan since 1904.
You can read more about this, and similar cases, during this lengthy intro.

Had no independence war
Serbians just let us go
Not heroic, honour must restore
Dormant for a hundred years
War state with the Japanese
Logic would be: reconcile in peace

No way, where’s the fun in that? Soon this people
Launch offensive on Japan, and we’re lethal
Mighty air force who have learned your Bushidō
Flying raid braidcopter men drop torpedoes

Force of Rambo’s troop marines
Emptied all your pockets clean
Yenless, try seppuku, for respect
Programmed all your game machines
Letting game parts out their screens
Blast down Tōkyō Space Invaders shall

Your intelligence won’t crack such hard lingua
Watermelon has own word, big enigma
ASIMO just could not match Žižić She-Bot
Samurais: who’s braver, then?

War! War! War! War!
War! War! War!

Your castella has become priganica
Kyōto’s made as boring as Podgorica
Tactics of abuse we have learned from Tito
Time to raise a big white flag