Fruit & Veg Stall

Based on North Macedonia 2006
Elena Risteska — Ninanajna

Come here boy
Let's do a trade boy
I'm a grrr-eengrocer

'O-, o-, o-, o-, o-, oh
O-, o-, o-, o-, o-, ahhh
O-, o-, o-, o-, o-, o-

Melons what I got boy
And melon's what you need
Come drink in this juicy flesh
I'll take care of the seeds

I open up by 8am
And finish half past two
But if you wanna kumquat after hours
I'll hold some back for you

Berries ripened with untamed desire
Mangoes? Citrus? Yeah, I can supply ya’
Come taste my passion fruit
Here, grab an easy-peeler

Let's add heat into our jambalaya
Chillies sourced from the lands of the Maya
I know you feel it too
Boy, I got five-a-day for you

'ai, lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, lai
lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, LIMES!'

This week’s special offer is the tasty cantaloupe
You and your fiancée can come here for three-for-two

I’m exotic like the mangosteen
And smooth just like a peach
You see the jackpot in this fruit machine?
I’m gonna give it to ya'

'Wet your mouth on my slice of papaya'

I can see you’re a discerning buyer
Watch as I squeeze the juice
Out of two ripe satsumas
Dragon fruit? In the trade it’s pitaya
Vitamins? I have all you require
I got a pear for you
Come here and feel my honeydews

'Oh, oh, oh'

You found your way here to my market stall
With hunger in your eyes
And fire in your soul

All my stock is sourced organic’ly
My hygiene rating’s good
No others can compete, no!

Quit late nights eating trash at the diner
Boy your taste buds deserve something finer
Let's take this all the way
Get out your Apple Pay

Message me with some fruity emojis
No dickpics SMS'd to my phone, please
This girl is not obscene
But she's a fan of aubergine

Now unzip the banana