Urk’s Files: The Day That Urk Stood Still

Based on Netherlands 1996
Maxine & Franklin Brown — De eerste keer

? Strange alien sounds in forests of Urk ?

Naj nanana, nana
Nana, nana, nana
Nanana, na nana, nana la
Lala, lala…

We search for all things paranormal
And strange, secret shit
Yet every time you’re always the sceptic

Sure, we solved the case of Bigfoot
But with science in mind
These wacky sightings have to be bogus


Case 8-1-X-11:
Cryptids singing “Baby, Baby”

When disco lights appear
All Urkers shake in fear
Nicole and Hugo’s screams
Can cause burns in each ear

First seen in Luxembourg
They wandered north to Urk
The truth is out there, still it’s quite weird
Time has come to join these dots...

? Autopsy of a burnt ear victim including a will-they/won't-they kiss scene ?

Make yourself useful then
We’re not here to screw around!
Watch out for an alien twosome

Oh, I set a trap with M&Ms
Forgot they liked sprouts
But look! They’ve left a trail we can follow

? Points torch at a sequence of sequins ?



Crap, we’ve caught their attention!!


Muff protection!!

Rushing to shield our ears
The beings disappeared
A glimpse is all we saw
But still their spaceship’s here!

Let’s bash their back-doors in
It looks like foil of tin
We’ll find the Captain’s Log on their Bridge
To work out what’s what

? Maxine finds a panel covered in Phlegm, language of the aliens ?

Could this be an evil plan for a massacre?
Great Scott – over here! Ain't this a flux capacitor?!

Whoa! Oh? Oh!? Oh!! Oh!! Oh‽
¿Oh? ¡Oh! ¿¿Oh?? ¡¡Oh!! ¿¡Oh?! ⸘⸘Oh‽‽
Yeah! ¡Yeah! Yeah!

? Console displays “2003” amidst alien letters ?

It seems they’ve fled the scene
Inside a time machine
So why then had they come?
They just think ESC is fun

Disguised in brand new skins
From fresh-dug graves or bins
Their “Project Jemini” might win but…

Look what’s next ?

It’s “Still in Love with You”