An Adventurer’s Photo Collection

Based on Hungary 1995
Csaba Szigeti — Új név a régi ház falán

I once climbed the Chomolungma
Made my countrymen so proud
Shook the hand of Dalai Lama
Photos for the World to see
Every memory
A photograph, they are the proof that I have lived
This life of mine
Every photograph reveals
Truths so dark you simply can't fathom

Cured the sick of Mozambique, and
Fought alongside tribal men
Found the lost city, Paititi
Nessie, and the *sigh* Holy Grail
All these photographs
Perpetuate all my memories
For all time, eternally
Every single photograph
Is ruined by a truth so repulsive...

I had... had something in my teeth
God damn, right there in-between
Oh why... why did I chew on poppy seeds?
Oh no... my nasty looking smile
God damn, it looks so fucking vile
Should have... done a closed mouth smile instead, moron

It's on... on every fucking one
God damn, no photo that has none
Fuck my... fuck my life eternally

God damn