¿What Happened to Spain?

Based on Spain 2014

Look, things haven’t gone great
Let us be honest, OT is just a talent show
And the NFs before were a blow to us

Remember Edurne, ¿no?
She failed badly
And Barei who went up and fell
Didn’t do exactly well

It fills me with such pain
¿What happened to Spain?

Strife marked what was a crime
Runner-up Mirela would have kicked some ass
But that Manel lacked any class

Forgive us for #Almaia
What they had was faker than Soraya’s face
They never went beyond first base

¿Why don’t we have a brain?
¡Please improve things, Spain!

Miki’s song was never-ending
No fun and he didn’t slay
It’s time to restore my reign
I’ll slay, for Spain

(Twenty-first and twice in twenty-second place)
¡Insane, insane, insane!
(Twenty-third and once we even came dead last)
My reign, I’ll slay, for Spain

My reign, for Spain





¡Next year I’ll make the top five!

I’ve just met this chap called Siegel
He promised to make me a star
Trust me, he’s completely sane
¡I’ll slay, for Spain!