Kyle’s Acne Hole

Based on Estonia 1996

Tell me how moron are you
Pinprick to get rid of it
What have you been smoking
Hint was "just squeeze" but you, mad in the loo
Tampered and made a hole

Oi, get lost it hurts bad
In the midst of my forehead
How I'd show up like that
On this heavy big first date

She must be desperate as well
Since she is dating with you
Take your cue from here
Don't try to hide those pimples, even on your nose
She'll be too drunk to see

Hey, go back to gossiping
With your equally retarded friends
How will you picture these
In your tiny teenage brains

No need to bark, I heard you
You're often too slow, it's true
Haven't got any clue
Even girls my age know that, key is "make her laugh"
No charm has that effect

Haaaa aaah ooohh aaahh
Oohh aaahh aahh ahh ahh ahh
Hoo oh oh hoo oh oh
Ohh oh, now repeat with me

Tell me how moron am I
Pinprick to get rid of it
What was I thinking then
Hint was "just squeeze" but I, like a sad fool
Scratched and made a hole

I should not yell, sis heard me
Now and then slow I can be
That I have to admit
Even the young ones know that, key is "make her laugh"
She'd laugh hard at that zit

Maybe you're right after all she's most likely
Your first and only chance.