The Handmaid’s Tale

Based on United Kingdom 1980

Religious men run this country now
Laws have changed, the old name’s not used
And here in Gilead
My life is very bad
Everyone’s abused

“You tried to run away, up north, got caught
Now clean up toxic waste and slowly rot
Or else become a Handmaid, that’s your lot
All you can do - reproduce”

“In Gilead a Handmaid must wear red
The master here is called Commander Fred
You have to join him monthly on his bed
With his wife too”

There’s no escape from this harsh regime
Where a womb’s for the state to use
‘Cause I’m a surrogate
And there was not much else to choose

My former life’s just a memory
This situation could make me hurl
Though I’m their surrogate
I had a husband once
And a baby girl

I heard they took my daughter far away
I asked if I could see her, there’s no way
And if she can’t remember me today
I just wish they’d say she’s OK

I heard there’s a Resistance in this town
But that could just be rumours flying round
“Try not to let the bastards grind you down”
That’s what they say

There’s no escape, no way out for me
I’m condemned to a life of gloom
Unwilling surrogate
Yes I’m a surrogate, boo hoo

(But praise be…)
This very day, buying groceries
One secret package was slipped to me
I found, to my delight
Ten pounds of gelignite
Just enough for two

I’m not their surrogate
And now I’ll blow them up
Blessed be the fruit