LARPus Interruptus

Based on Portugal 2019

Roomie, tell your girl move over
I'm about to roll for a spell
Please man, can't you see that your foreplay
Cramps my roleplay style

An’ watch out for my dice
Gotta roll a nine...and her
Ass’s on my dice
Move it aside

And now I summon an orb of burning light


Your writhing just upset
The arrangement of my dungeon
Now I won’t get far
In the quest for the Destruction +5 Helm
To excel, I need it for my campaign

Hey, you: go into your own room and close the door.
At least move over.

At least move where I cannot hear
Oh please move over
You’re on my magic morning star
Oh please move over
You could have done this in your car
Oh just move over.

It’s super rude to not move over
As I’m trying to kill this kraken
So I can level-up my warrior
Why not go to her dorm room instead?

I check if there is a trap
Roll for a save

I cast a barrier that’s for shielding my eyes

(Anyway) done asking you to move over
I resort to dark sorcery
Using Staff of Erectile Disorder
Now I cast End Fellatio on you

Could not cast End Fellatio on you

I fail...