Pets 4 Less

Based on Cyprus 1991

Don’t waste money with breeders
Three legs are just as good as four
Any more drop off, we’ll make it cheaper
Comes with a free prosthetic paw

Tomcat is driving you bananas?
Before you fling it in a bin
Don’t toss it out with all the week’s trash
Come trade it in with us for cash

We’ve got songbirds that wheeze, a cow that lactates cheese
Hares with clefts, hares with clefts, hares with clefts
Some alopecic sheep, stock taker fell asleep
Never sheds, never sheds, no loose threads

Parrots of dubious aliveness
Piranhas happiest on land
And pachyderms with problem sinus
In stock in all the leading brands

Echidna’s fine it seems… once lathered with skin creams
Eczema, eczema, eczema
Sloths with narcolepsy, bipolar bears, and fleas
So depressed several leapt off a ledge

A dog that’s sprung a leak’s not just for Xmas week
It’s for less, it’s for less, it’s for less™
Pets 4 Less