Based on Belgium 2017

Just a doll longing for a home
Painted smile but behind I'm sad
Lidless eyes always looking out
Tattered clothing, hair limp and shorn

I need a reprieve
Who'll pay the asking price?
I feel obsolete
Awaiting demise
No one sympathises

To be owned, to be 'of' someone
Loved already, be in demand
It's the moment I dream about
An escape from this prison cell

She came on the scene
Her face so naive and bright
I couldn't believe
From all merchandise
She chose me as her prize

Hugged me close on the way back home
Through her warmth I'm no longer damned
Goodbye lonely, your time is out
Found a new place within her arms

Dreamed of this day for all my life
Hope this connection never dies
I see a bright world through her eyes

Set me free, please be my new home
Just surrender into my plan
Do not fight as your soul drains out
You chose me, and I heard your call

Once again I am flesh and bone
I've escaped from my no man's land
You can scream girl and you can shout
There's nobody to hear you call

Now you're in hell
My baby doll