Failure Tale

Based on Norway 2009

Years ago, when I was handsome,
I wrote a song that is well-known
It was good, made me a winner,
Number one, points record blown.

Coming back seemed a fairytale
Now it’s hell on earth
‘Cause I forgot how to write a song
And I think I’m cursed!

Every day I practiced step one
Every night, step number two
So I felt ‘twas getting better
But then the truth just hit me in the nose!

Thought I knew what I was doing,
Won semi 1, and then, my God!!
Found myself at fifteen, down there…
What can I do? Who knew it was that hard?

Many say that I (fairly) failed
Even so, it hurts
It’s been a year, I still have to hide
And I can’t compose…

(speaking to himself)
Miss my fairytale…Yeah…
(speaking to his fans)
Even if you’re hurt,
‘Bout coming back, I made up my mind:
NO! I can’t be arsed!!

(plays the violin furiously)
(last string breaks)