Mysterious Woman’s Reply

Based on Poland 1997

Saw this post trending after my flight
Some guy laments his love at first sight
Tried all he could to find her, but lacked
Methods to keep her track

I have reached conclusion that I'm your missed romance
That long speech describes well your captivated glance
Though to each absurd claim
May I point out that you had a chance
Don't you catch?
Could have had me, you twit

Yes, I've winked at you with my lips puckered
Signalled 'come' with my hand, are you blind?
Flicked my hair too, still you ignored every sign
And suggestion

Yes, I've been in the bathroom forever
The disabled, near gate 21
And logged into all the known straight hookup apps
Have you checked them?

Then I gave up when they called my flight
Flew all upset and unsatisfied
I needed a fling and you were right there
Now you still wonder where from I came
Am I French? (lol no)
Italian? (lol no)
Or from some made-up gulf by Iraq?
Have you watched (have you?)
My features? (have you?)
They're as Slavic as fuck

Yet you failed to guess where I was heading
Though that night there was one other flight
From Knock Airport
Szczecin - it's not hard to find
Where I'm destined

Yes, there.

Surely you could have spotted my name
In a giant font, I've had on my vest
I'm rolling a red-white Polish suitcase
School taught you no flags? Such a disgrace

Is there Darwin Awards for the singles
Who died craving for girls they can't find?
I'm amazed, dude
Some men are so fucking dumb
I detest them, I detest them
(yes, you really have got to forget him)
(move on, find an intelligent guy)
That said:

Just in case you're
Willing to give one more chance
Friend requested