Based on Sweden 1985

♫ (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh) ♫

I was invited for a date
But I was running late
I had nothing to wear
I looked inside my bottom drawer
And there I found, behold
An item I bought last year

Strap it on, push them up
Add two AA batteries
Close the hooks, good to go
And I’m done

It’s just a bra playing schlager
Matching music to my mood, oh yes
So underneath my dress
I’ll wear my bra playing schlager
Tiny speakers on the areola
And I think, if he will be impressed
I might get laid

♫ (Ailulu ailulu) ♫

The dinner really went quite well
And nobody could tell
From where they heard the music
To muffled tunes of Waterloo
We kissed beneath the moon
And then it switched to Shirley

Uber back to his place
Cleavage played “...die Brücke geh’n”
On his bed, something said: Jij en ik!

It’s just my bra playing schlager
Activated by my body heat
When he took off my dress
He saw my bra playing schlager
Playlists range from Sev to Carola
Honestly, who wouldn’t be impressed
By my tuned breasts

But later that same night I made one big mistake
I said that he could try it on
And now I’ll never know if it is me he likes
Or if just my schlagerbra!

He wears my bra playing schlager
Nearly every night and every day
Like, when he “meets a friend”
He wears my bra playing schlager
Who’d have known it’d be so popular
‘Cause each night, while I’m alone in bed
He’s getting laid

♫ (Boogaloo, Diggiloo) ♫