La forza del destino (ESC Love Story)

Based on Estonia 2018

Pronunciation note: Elina’s pronunciation of “Amaury”:  A-maury   /aˈmauri/

Same year I saw him on stage
I was studying French*
Even before graduating
I’ve fallen in love.

He’d be my guider to the opera
He’s always on my mind.

I feel the days are so long,
Knowing he’s so far
Lord, I beg, be lenient…. make Amaury mine…

His “Sognu” inspires me
To always fight for love
So, I will have Amaury one day!

My dream to sing under spotlights
“Eurovision star”
For him I tried to make it real,
One step at a time.

(makes a promise, looking at his photo)
“My sweet Amaury, you’re my guiding star
We’ll meet for real soon, I won’t let you down.”

I fancy him all night long,
He makes me get hot…
Pour French wine and cheer now, he is here tonight!!

We’re so aroused in the night
And now finally I
surrender to Amaury… Oooh, yeeessss

*Elina Nechayeva graduated from Tallinn French School in 2011 (Source: Wikipedia)