Song Request

Based on Denmark 2019

Posh nightclub, V.I.P
Rich teenagers sipping gin
I'm feeling glittery
But mood's still not kicking in
This place is a dive
The music isn't live
This is inexcusable
Generic pop and such
But would the DJ budge
When asked something suitable:

Put Mana Mou on
Put Mana Mou on, I kindly demand
Put Mana Mou on
Put Mana Mou on, it means motherland
Just three minutes of
Your time won't hurt
Especially when the sweetest tune is playing loud
To please the crowd
If you don't have the track, it's on the cloud

The nineties had awful trends
Like hip hop and funk-soul blend
But then, right out of the blue
Cyprus sent Mana Mou
Humankind survived
Salvation has arrived
Charm is unequivocal
And yet, for years and months
No club has played it once
DJ, don't be difficult

Put Mana Mou on
Put Mana Mou on, I won't ask again
Put Mana Mou on
Put Mana Mou on, don't be inhumane
So please play for us
A Cypriot
Song mutually sung by siblings, brother plays Tzouras
The sister, not
And there's four backing singers, it's a must!

I bought two cokes and a beer
Spent kroner at the cashier
If you had some dignity
One song should be guaranteed
Can I see your boss
You may risk your job
If I hear no da-ba-dam
Come to think, I know
Where your porn is stored
Can I let your sweet wife know?

Enough with this torture
Use Spotify searcher, it won't take you long
Well, thanks, but are you sure?
I'm really not too sure this is the right song
Let me check Shazam
It says it's not
It seems to be En i Mana Mou Pou Ftei, you dumb
From ninety-one
Well, I suppose it's also kind of fun