Based on Belarus 2014

Say, is that Theresa May?
Or Tina Fey?
The world was nice and easy
When we could tell for sure

We’ve Photoshopped and
We’ve trimmed and cropped but
Now something much more sinister is here
It’s called “deepfake”

If you’ve never come across this word before
I’ll explain a little briefly what it’s for
It’s the superimposition of a head
Make it seem that they’re another instead

And perhaps I’ve oversimplified it here
You can find out more on Wikipedia
Recently though it’s become a real headache
Lots of famous people all get deepfaked

Oh, don’t care, yeah? Next time it could be you
Or you, or you

Say you don’t like Donald Trump
Or Kim Jong-Un
Just use your deepfake skills and you
Can make them both look gay

With just a quick click
They’re pornographic
And frankly there are things we should never ever see

I don’t want to say this will affect us all
But technology can spin out of control
Maybe we should just slow down, apply the brake
It’s an issue for a long mass debate

We’re already sceptical of what we read
We might even stop believing what we see
Did a controversy actually take place?
Is it real or is it just a deepfake?

Oh, yeah
What on earth can we do? Although, although...

Being such a cheeky boy
Here are deepfakes I’d enjoy, oh oh:

Douwe Bob and Stefan Raab without their clothes
Koza Mostra wearing sexy lederhosen, and

Se-e-e-rhat, yeah

With a boner…

Anyway, I lost the point so let me state
I can sympathise with you, I can relate
If you have a secret ideal deepfake

But we’ve got to stop with this depravity
It’s an issue of the deepest gravity
And I don’t approve of such activities
Even though I think I’d make sweet deepfakes


If you want, I’ve got a list of many more
I come up with them each day when I wake up, yeah

If you want, I can request one with your face
‘Cause I know a man in Minsk who deepfakes