¡I Made You Proud, Spain!

Based on ¿What Happened to Spain? based on Spain 2014

Look, I perform again
Let us be honest, I was the best act of the show
I knew my talent would be a blow to you

Remember that 'Man' song, ¿no?
It failed badly
And Yami who went up and fell
Didn’t do exactly well

We had so much to gain
¡I made you proud, Spain!

Strife marked what was a crime
Runner-up Keithykat would have kicked some ass
At least they all possess some class

Relive all of the drama
Check it out on ScoreWiz or the pdf
¡Fui yo!, see, ¡WTF!

I'm glad you used your brain
¡I earned this, for Spain!

The tension was never-ending
But at the end I could slay
I've built it again, my reign
I slayed, for Spain

(Silly cow, you read the results upside-down)
¡Insane, insane, insane!
(Even Lina Hedlund knows you came dead-last)
My reign, I failed, for Spain

Came last, for Spain





(An epic fail)
¡At least I made the ALChive!

My result should be illegal
But one day I will be a star
Trust me, I'm completely sane
¡I’ll slay, for Spain!