Merging Never Dies

Based on Birgitta Haukdal - Meðal Andanna (Iceland NF 2013)

Mental scars, I've told you
Think I've healed? I'm better? No
I'm still having mental woes, it looks like
Wally's found, but I'm forever lost

Merging never dies
You're screwed when you start
Mind blends every pair I see in one
I've merged acne now
With stigmata marks
And a soulless doll
With its girl

Know too well it's stupid
Thinking of how to mix things up
But my life's become a game, I have to
Lina's had a better day, I'm told

Man with Dracula
Pants with SchlagerBra©
Guacamole with some other scran
Katri Helena with Miss Lo unite
(it's the same hairdo…)

And there's no more need to kill half Armenians
Inga and Anush are merged, and they're halved!
You're very welcome, the hirsute and Aisel

I've merged #Almaia with pneumonia
Weird, but it makes sense in my head

Werewolves with crotch lice
Preggo maids with wines
There's a Photoshop inside my head (Deepfake!)

Tried to merge two cows
Some bitch killed a cow
So the living got then
Merged with goat instead