2020 Host City

Based on Poland 2014

Hey there! All aboard!

2019, Yami won, writing 'bout a woman
Whose destination wasn't quite as secret as imagined
Araby? No, that's not a place
Polish flag there on her suitcase

Lightbulb moment for the team looking for a venue
Could West Pomerania play host in 2020?
Time to scope out the voivodeship
See if it suits our championship

Early Google results showed some promise
A picturesque riverside old town
The local fish spread appeared more like vomit
But there's McDonald's a couple blocks down
Recent years saw, despite reputation
A reduction in organised crime
All in all, the ideal destination
For the host team it was flight booking time!

So for 2020 it's north-north-east to Poland
Why bother trying Syden? There's a beach there on the Oder!
Off to the land of beer and curds
Złotych obtained, it's time to board!
Little snag before we start trekking to Szczecin, oh—
Seems that Ryanair don't offer flights from San Marino
Chopper it is, time to take off
To the airport named Solidarność

~ Folksy in-flight music ~

One tiny problem when we arrive:
A pandemic has shut the place down
And we are stuck in the airport, so it seems
Can't enter Poland; no border police
But we wonder: could it work?
Empty terminal kinda sounds perf
Without an airplane in sight, this is ours
And we've got lyrics here to share, so on with the show!

We've hacked the departure boards to link them up to Scorewiz
And pasted the contest rulebook on the windows and doorways
Frozen pierogi's what we live off
Vodka made from bison grass

Port Lotniczy Szczecin–Goleniów is this year's venue
And soon we will start revealing all the songs that you sent through
Who'll take this year's alternative crown?
It's almost time to find out!

We'll soon kick off
Oh, with semi one!