Aoooooooo (Werewolves of Zagreb)

Based on Croatia 1998

Up for adoption, all alone
Our mamas left us with no home
Because a doctor diagnosed
An illness beastly, odd, and gross

Though people let us stay, for thirty days,
They change their minds, discard us, when the full moon comes

Werewolves without a lair
Weakly werewhelps wearing well-worn wares
When will we find a family we don’t scare?

No love for furry lads
Naked, never noticed, never fed
Not so much as a bit of bloody bread

Why are we always disavowed?
Is it because we’re unibrowed?
Our lives are largely lacking hope
Living like lowly lycanthropes

Just ‘cause we pee on trees, does not mean we
Will maul your son, or shit on top of your divan

Please put your guns away
Piercing pups with pitchforks: not okay
Please, we pray, let us love you, we’ll behave-a-a-ve

For an eternity
Fleas and failure foiled our family
Four furries, fearful, furious, and free-e-e-e

Four furries, fearful, furious, and free-e-e-e

Can cuddly kids by day
Be blamed for being bitten by a stray?

Tiny tots, crossed with lupine DNA
Hairy, but … we need loving anyway...