Chernobyl in the Rain

Based on Austria 1991

Mutant deer mating, Pripyat is waiting
To get some cool shots with me
Empty concrete blocks, the ferris wheel rocks
This place truly is the A-bomb!

Drops on my forehead, I whip out the drone
The air tastes metallic, I'll get it done

Chernobyl in the rain
A perfect time to begin vlogging (vlogging...)
Chernobyl in the rain
I would love if you would start subscribing

A derelict school, this is simply way too cool
A school bus that once carried kids
The fog is so thick, where's the selfie-stick?
Something for my Instagram

Dropping my NBC suit to the ground
Hashtag nuclearbooty, it's Like-meltdown!

Chernobyl in the Rain
A wonderful time for a selfie (selfie...)
Chernobyl in the rain
I'm sure this is not that unhealthy

Chernobyl in the rain
(The Life of an) Influencer ('encer...)
Chernobyl in the rain
Can I please have an air dispenser?

Chernobyl in the Rain
(The Life of an) Influencer (Selfie)