I Might Need A New Job

Based on Iceland 2019

Looking for hell on earth?
Where they treat you like dirt?
In for a world of hurt?
No need to look too far

Customer Service
People are 'assertive'
But they seem to forget
Basic respect

All that they say
Let it wash away
If all else fails
Have a glass of Chardonnay

People don't realize
Who's on the other side
Who provides a reply
Digest the frustrations
Exercise their patience

Customer Service
People take a piss
No need for rudeness, thanks
You deserve a spank

Wax on, wax off
And try not to scoff
Try to be kind
First world problems make them blind

Breathe in, breathe out
And try not to shout
Just realize
One day soon, they too will die

They too will die
They too will die

Customer Service
Think I might crack
(They too will die)
Customer Service
Water off a duck's back?
(They too will die)
Patience is what I lack!
I'm such a wreck…

Fuck first world problems.