Hat Will Prevail

Based on Iceland 2019


Stranger, forever lost
Eyeballs extremely crossed
Fifteen pounds this book cost
Where the fuck is Wally?!

Boiling, my temper
Only finding Wenda
Simple colour blocking:
Always better

~ Lost in the crowd ~
~ I go unfound ~
~ Shy I am not ~
~ I’m just really hard to spot ~

Legions of copycats
Brainwashed or body-snatched
Outfits too closely matched
Beach in summer weather
Still loyal to the sweater

Hat of the bobble
Fashion ensemble
Hand lens failure
Fruitless microscopy
Night becoming day

~ Come join my fun ~
~ Oh… but you can’t ~
~ I’ll make you crack ~
~ Turn for answers at the back ~
~ But there are none ~

~ Throw in the towel ~
~ You wanna hint? ~
~ I’ve got on a lovely hat ~

~ I’m meeting your glance ~
~ Still you look past ~
Cult of the knitter
Clutters picture
~ Still you look past ~
Wizard discovered
Veins about to rupture

~ Isn’t this fun? ~
Rising mental scarring
Dog in margin

I'll ask some children