ʎɐp s,punlpǝH ɐuᴉ˥ ɹooԀ

Based on Israel 1974

Her day began with her Nassim snoring beside her
Though the right man, she couldn’t help but feel peculiar
As she was wearing his boxers, and he her nightdress
Climbed out of bed, the perfect time to watch the sunset

Brushed her feet and combed the jam
Read the toast, and blended up
a fruit smoothie with chop suey
Went to walk the cat

Poor Lina Hedlund’s day, was in a backwards way
She started from the end
And slowly worked her way to the beginning

Met sister Hanna just outside of the beauticians
After 2 hours they left, their nails in worse condition
With lashes plucked, tummies untucked, and waxed off eyebrows
Once they were done her sister told her ‘Hallå, Hallå’

Packed her kids off out to school
At four in the afternoon
In her car, did yoga
Injured her ulna

Poor Lina Hedlund’s day, was in a backwards way
Nothing would go to plan
And though she tried real hard, she couldn’t change it

Oooo Oooo

With Alcazar she had an afternoon performance
But the keychanges were all modulated downwards
Andreas wrote his number in her underwear seam
If Aftonbladet found out that would make the headlines

She clapped all wrong in Alcastar
Climbed into the glitterball
Sinner and saint, both were her
Then came the Eurovision

Poor Lina Hedlund’s day, was in a backwards way
Meeting Linnea Deb, she called her Joy instead

Oh yes poor Lina Hedlund’s day, ended in disarray
When filling out her list, she had the order flipped

Oh yes poor Lina Hedlund’s fave, was meant to be Arcade
But instead Netherlands ended up listed last

Oh yes poor Lina’s day, was luckily outweighed
By poor Jon Ola Sand’s Saturday