Artist Wanted

Based on Spain 1986

Senit hid, feels unwell
Siegel’s gone, no more tunes to sell
Serhat’s now too well-known
Miodio won’t pick up the phone

San Marino
No-one’s left to sing our songs
Asked around the country
didn’t take too long

It’s hard now to believe we’ll be in Tel Aviv
And the population doesn’t give a toss
We could stay at home and it would be their loss

San Marino, San Marino

Thus ignored
Searched abroad
Carola? Too hard to control

San Marino needs someone to sing for free
Public television can’t afford your fee
Can there be an artist Europe might adore?
Best if you don’t dwell on what we’ve sent before

I know we’ve done some wrong
The Social Network Song
But our horrid past can always be set right
And we’ll contribute a little to your flight

San Marino, San Marino