That’s How You Write a (Portuguese) Song

Based on Portugal 1987
Nevada — Neste barco à vela

Listen to me, meu amigo
there’s something you don’t know
I am gonna teach you the trick to
writing a really fine song

Not a lame song like Rybak’s
a song with coração
a song so good that it has the
flavor of Portugal

Start by writing nice lyrics
so deep and poetic
that nobody gets them
lyrics about saudade
about Portugueseness
about amizade
There must also be a rio
that dies in the sea
but then flows upstream
politics are never a problem
if you disguise them
with seventies clothing

You must have a good team to
help you with the task,
a charismatic performer
that can help to lift the song

Of course, for the music
you may also need some help
If you don’t have inspiration
just go and call Andrej Babic

Music should be so heartwarming
That melts your soul,
makes you feel like crying
It may resemble a fado
with a modern touch
unlike Carlos do Carmo
You can also go uptempo,
a little pimba*
is a guilty pleasure
Include a lot of guitars
to get an ethnic sound
in this extravaganza

Recruit Dulce to sing this
as Simone and Manuela
don’t want to do it
If you prefer something sexy
just pick Suzy
she’ll always be ready
Good styling is key so ask
Adelaide for
outfit advices
If you follow my tips
you’ll surely get true
Portuguese masterpieces

* Pimba is a type of “Portuguese schlager”. Some examples of pimba include “Quero ser tua” or “Dança comigo”