Read the Snellen Chart

Based on Malta 1996
Miriam Christine - In a Woman's Heart (live version)

I left Gozo, with a ticket in hand
My destination: a costly northern land
Compensating for the bills this entails
Norway's provided free healthcare as well

An optometrist, providing his service
Free of charge for all, and ready to see us now

Read the Snellen chart, he'll tell you your fate, right away
Read the Snellen chart, see to your renal welfare
Form a patient queue, hie methods are quite state of art
All you have to do, is read from the Snellen chart

First up Cyprus: Constantinos' corneas
Show some divergence, Monovision is clear
Antonio, take a look what he sees
¡Eye, maldicion! His 'ojos' are weak :(

I can feel my sweat, as the queue it dwindles
Next one through his door, is Marianna from Greece

"Emmetropia": a spring in her step, walks away
'Lazy eye' Moniz, it's confirmed "Myopia"
Anna 'Sjúbídú', only reached line four on the chart
Ms. Andreasson's "astigmatism" hits hard

And now there's just two left
(nearly her moment)
hmmm one of them won't take lo-ong
First Amila: "glaucoma"
Austrian George: "get out, you're blind"
Now my turnnnnnnnnn

- and done!
(read the whole damn chart)
Snellen Chart!