The Condiment Girls

Based on Macedonia 2000
XXL — 100% te ljubam

We tried out for Spice Girls, they said we were crap
So we’ve formed a group for the disaffected scraps
Our style’s not a rip-off, there’s no overlap
The Condiment Girls will put Skopje on the map

Our critics are scathing, say we’re a bad batch
Who should be recalled by the manufacturer
But no-one can argue our outfits don't match
And that’s our one talent when we’re on camera

We all came up with catchy names
I’m Mel, but call me Mayonnaise
We know the Spice Girls do the same
But we were first to start that craze
I’m Ketchup ‘cause my hair is red
I’m Hot Sauce ‘cause I’m great in bed
And I’m just Sauerkraut :)

Together we're a perfect team
But we're still cooking up our pop
They say Hot Sauce could make a salad cream
She just can't make a bop
My real name's Mel as well, that's weird :)
This food girl trend we pioneered

The Condiment Girls here to Sauce Up Your Life
The Spice Girls should watch out, our Ketchup has a knife
We may just be four but we still beat their five
Except in awards, dancing, fame and singing live

The Condiment Girls, it's hard keeping us down
We've not got a black one, we failed to poach Mel Brown
We're tasty and runny, we'll drip down your mouth
You might need a napkin for when we squirt down south

Ooh la la la la la la la
Ooh la la la​
Ooh la la la

We just need time to hone our skills
And fix the songs Mayonnaise wrote
Till we recorded our first album Spills
We'd never sung a note
I used to be in Boney M :)
We swear we're working on some gems

The Condiment Girls make a mess in your hands
We're fresh and organic, no supermarket brands
From Skopje to Ohrid, we spread through the lands
To rise to the top of the Balkan sauce-based bands

The Condiment Girls had a fifth member once
Till Sour Cream went off, gave solo gigs a punt
We teased breaking up as a fake PR stunt
Our fans begged us "Please do!", their feedback was quite blunt
But we'll show the world that we're not a bunch of... dips

Come see us performing, we're touring with Chips