Problem Nation

Based on Greece 2002
Michalis Rakintzis — S.A.G.A.P.O.

They (they, they, they, they)
have no airports, seas or trains (trains, trains, trains, trains)
Their jacks are piqued and lights have chains (chains, chains, chains, chains, chains)
Land of absurd (land of absurd, so absurd, quite absurd, that’s the word)
Say, (say, say, say, say)
how do they afford the fee? (fee, fee, fee, fee)
Eurovision’s not for free. (free, free, free, free, free)
Debt is incurred (debt is incurred, so I heard, details blurred, bribes preferred)
Hey, (hey, hey)
Problem microstate:
They (they, they)
tend to aggravate
Lame, (lame, lame)
and yet undeterred:
Jenny B and the Rida of Flo.
Shame (shame, shame)
songs are massive turds
ever since M.I.O.D.I.O.
There (there, there, there, there)
Valentina rents her pad. (pad, pad, pad, pad)
She will sing day and night (night, fright, night, fright, yikes)
fortissimo. (uh uh oh no, sound of woe, let’s not go, guest no-show)
Pain (pain, pain, pain, pain)
Every year it is the same: (same, same, same, same)
Eurovision winning fame (fame, fame, fame, fame, fame)
Has not occurred. (has not occurred, not occurred, won’t occur, can’t occur)
Say, (na, na)
what the future holds?
S.E.R.H.A.T. doesn't know
Che (che, che)
stupido uomo:
A.C.H.I.L.L.E. Lauro
Shame (shame, shame)
they're not Luxembourg,
Coming back soon to have one more go
Can (can, can)
they at last find
una voce per San Marino?