Je suis Pinocchio

Based on France 1994
Nina Morato — Je suis un vrai garçon


G'petto, G'petto, please don't
G'petto, G'petto, I'm not, please don't…

I felt a tingeling, the strangest of feelings
What's even happening? Feel a heart beating.
Starting to come alive, intervention divine
But old men's design

You call me your sweet boy - oh no no no no no no
What is this crazy ploy, please don't treat me like a toy

Your words are sweet, okay, but rub me the wrong way
Barely enabled but already labelled
Fairy brought me to life, you don't get to decide
Impose blue, why blue?

Don't call me your sweet boy - no no no no no no no
I really don't enjoy that you're calling me he/him

*starts moving in self realization*

Je suis Pinocchio

*dramatic rebirth reenactment*

Don't put me in a box, the expectations suck
Diff'rent generation, very Caucasian
Subconscious offender, assuming my gender
I won't surrender!

I feel non-binary *purrs in non-binary*
Please call me *gestures in suspense*
Je suis Pinocchio

*moves in rising phoenix*

I'm being real…
I'm me.