Il Faux Du Temps

Based on Iceland 2010
Hera Björk — Je ne sais quoi

I know I ain't wrong
That song is only sadness, bums me out
How did it even reach, a higher place than "Gimme"?
Infuriating, drives me wild

Il faut du temps
It is beginning with the title
Il faut du temps - ew!
No dry ice? I will complain
And when I see her face, I wanna modify her style
What's with that hair, pourqoi?

When one minute's up
Seems like I've heard the whole thing, tiring
And all that I love is that voice
Helsinki gave it twelve points
Tell me, do you feel the same?

Il faut du temps
It's bridge is almost non existent
Il faut du temps - ew!
Considered best song of that year
And when I think of it, Kirsten Sigaard had better hairstyle
Sandrine François, pourqoi?

I just hate it, it's a crap song ohh
It's like it's torturing my life!

Il faut du temps...
Il faux du temps!

Backdrop to all my creepy nightmares
Il faut du temps, ouch!
It came fifth, a travesty
This whole thing was a lie who doesn't love a slick French ballad
Il faut du temps, DOUZE POINTS!