Doing Laundry

Based on Belgium 1976
Pierre Rapsat — Judy et cie

Doing laundry is not for me
I would rather sell worn out Jeeps
(Or dust or sweep)
Lest someone would pay to do it

But no money can give me glee
Whirlpool, LG, all bad for me
(Samsung’s phony)
Lest someone could stay to do it

Can’t stand the smell of this weird goo
I hate detergent, that’s my view
Dance, tell a prayer, do kung fu
I’d win a grand slam
To have your help here

Doing laundry is not for me
Let me deep-clean the toilet seat
(Get groceries)
Come along, please do, I’m buying

[End of cycle signal]

Laundry fini!

I just wash but never dry it
This thing, stupid, has no Reload*
The temperature remains so low
The pride I feel when I press Go
Can’t stop the feeling
Of my heart bleeding

You were cruelly taken from me
Truly, you need to come back here
(Come here, I plea)
To spend one more day in your arms
I’d do laundry


* A function in some washing machines to add clothing while doing laundry (Source)