Army EŠČ

Based on Croatia 2023
Let 3 — Mama ŠČ!

Join our Eurovision Army, Ziv 💪
Help us fight against the IS, Gee 🦷
March with our Conquistadores ⚔️
Though nights get hard, you will not be captured, Skifs 🌘

Bring your stones to our headquarters, ZiBBZ 🪨
Prep the Molotov Cocktails now, Chic 🍹
Fight the monsters, Saara Aalto 👹
Warrior Nina, oximate opponents 🫁

Gaitanka ☣️

Fight your demons with more valour, TIX ☭
Could it be that you're at war, now, Kim? ❓
Let your battle cry out louder 📣
As Chief Laura marches on Verona 🫡

<<< scrolling through ESC rolodex >>>
Mamma, Mamo, Maman, leave your children behind 👩‍👧‍👦
Sanna, undo your sad 🫤

You can do it, Duo Datz ✊
Fight with heart, dear Mimicat ❤️‍🔥
Do it for Judy, Pierre Rapsat 🤗
Work hard, Kuunkuiskaajat 👭

Shellpida ☢️

Vania: our navy Senhora, (sea) 🌊
Airforce fly the flag with honour, Scooch 🛫
Secret service with Morena 🥷
Training leaders: Zdob și Zdub, Moldova 🪗

Weapons - not words - Harel Skaat 🏹
Say War War War with Serhat 🧨
On, Bettina Soriat! ↗️
For your lady, Kabát 🙋‍♀️

Play on, Pihasoittajat 🎻
Live up Yüksek Sadakat 🖖
Ambush Shiru Ladakat 🚨
Tell them bye bye CatCat ✌️

Armour, ammo, Bem bomb 💣

Gracia, don't run and hide 🙈
We'll beat Gina Genocide 🪩
Ryan, make sure we survive 💔
Don't cry, you're still alive! 🙌

TWiiNS 👯‍♀️